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Awesome Blooms Bowl


1. Wipe ware with damp sponge to remove bisque dust.

2. Using a pencil and a soft tape measure, measure and mark the bowlinto 16 equal sections around the rim.

3. Use the tape measure to stretch from one mark on the rim to theopposite mark on the other side of the rim and lightly trace along theline from point to point. Continue this process, dividing the bowl intopie shapes. This will help with the even placement of each section asshown in the photo.

4. Next mark bands around the inside of the bowl to create thedivisions for each layer of petals. Finish the medallion pattern bylightly sketching in the petal shapes and some design details. Use asoft towel to lightly clean the inside of the bowl of any excess pencilmarkings or dust.

5. Using the bamboo skewers, thoroughly mix each of the FrenchDimensions colors to ensure that the color is smooth and eventhroughout the bottle. Replace the tip and cap and shake the productdown to the tip of the bottle.

6. Using the photo as inspiration, begin in the center with each FrenchDimensions color as shown and use the product to outline the pencillines to create the entire dimensional pattern. Work from the center ofthe bowl out and continue one row all around until complete beforemoving on to the next row of petals and details. Check the patterncarefully that everything is neat and that all the details and designwork has been added to the pattern. Feel free to add as many details asdesired to embellish the design. Allow the French Dimensions to drythoroughly.

7. Before beginning to glaze, shake and mix each of the Designer Glazesthoroughly to the proper consistency. Thin with a small amount of waterif needed to allow for a nice smooth, flowing coat of each color.

8. Using the No. 6 Round or the Fan Glaze brush as needed, for thefirst coat, be sure that the glaze is a slightly thinner consistency sothat the glaze will flow right up to and over the French Dimensions forgood adhesion to the dimensional product. Continue to apply three coatsto each section as shown, working the glaze up next to and over theFrench Dimensions as needed for each petal and detail. Allow each coatof glaze to dry thoroughly. Follow color placement as shown in thephoto.

9. Apply three flowing coats of Carbon Chiffon to the backside of thebowl, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly.

10. Check the piece carefully for any misplaced color and touch up asneeded.

11. Stilt the bowl and fire to witness cone 06. Use a stilt stone toremove the stilt marks after firing.

Products in project listed here
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DG203-4 Dg203 4Oz Carbon Chiffon Dg203 4Oz Carbon Chiffon
DG204-4 Dg204 4Oz Natural Linen Dg204 4Oz Natural Linen
DG205-4 Dg205 4Oz Crimson Chenille Dg205 4Oz Crimson Chenille
DG206-4 Dg206 4Oz Forrest Flannel Dg206 4Oz Forrest Flannel