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Dog Dish

1. Wipe bowl with damp sponge to remove bisque dust.

2. Transfer design on bowl by laying clay carbon on bowl with patternon top. Trace over pattern with pencil.

3. Using Fan Glaze brush, paint inside of bowl with three coatsSunflower Yellow.  Let dry.

4. Brush three coats Dark Ginger on dog. Leave eye unpainted. Let dry.

5. Brush dog name with three coats of Light Kiwi. Also with Light Kiwi,add a few random circles around bowl. Let dry.

6. Brush a few more circles with Sunflower Yellow around bowl. Let dry.

7. Use Liner brush to paint Black in eye, nose and fine line for mouth,ear and legs. Refer to photo. Brush a thicker line for dog collar. Letdry.

8. Outline name with French Dimensions Black. Let dry.

9. Add swirls of French Dimensions French Straw around and on top ofthe Sunflower Yellow circles. Add dots of French Straw on top of blackdog collar. Let dry.

10. Add French Dimensions French Kiwi swirls around and on top of theLight Kiwi circles. Let dry.

11. Brush a light coat of Pure Brilliance to inside bowl.

12. Brush a coat on the bisque areas to outer bowl. Let dry. Brush asecond coat to entire outer bowl. Let dry.

13. Brush two coats Pure Brilliance to underside of bowl. Let dry.

14. Stilt on shelf and fire to cone 06.
Products in project listed here
Code Name Image Price  
CN181-2 Cn181 2Oz Light Kiwi Cn181 2Oz Light Kiwi
CN253-2 Cn253 2Oz Black Cn253 2Oz Black
CN313-2 Cn313 2Oz Dark Ginger Cn313 2Oz Dark Ginger
CN511-2 Cn511 2Oz Sunflower Yellow Cn511 2Oz Sunflower Yellow
FD254-125 Fd254 1.25Oz Black Licorice Fd254 1.25Oz Black Licorice
FD265-125 Fd265 1.25Oz French Straw Fd265 1.25Oz French Straw
FD271-125 Fd271 1.25Oz French Kiwi Fd271 1.25Oz French Kiwi