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Flower Bowl


1. Wipe ware with damp sponge to remove bisque dust.

2. Place an amount of Light Saffron, Dark Honeysuckle and Light Aqua ona palette. Using the silk sponge, sponge random spots on the outside ofthe bowl, blending the three colors slightly together for a soft colortransition. Apply three coats to each spot as this will make the flowercolor. Be sure to vary placement of the colors so that each flower isslightly different. Allow color to dry thoroughly.

3. Use the pencil to lightly sketch on flower center and petalsrandomly over the previously applied color spots on the outside of thebowls. Make each flower a slightly different shape.

4. Using the No. 1 Liner, dip brush in dish soap to condition thebristles, wiping out excess soap. Load the brush in Mask ‘N Peel andapply to the small flower center and the flower petals. Allow mask todry thoroughly. Clean the brush.

5. Use the Fan Glaze brush to apply three flowing coats of Dark Delftto the outside of each bowl, allowing the color to dry thoroughlybetween coats. After the third coat is applied and after the shine isgone but the color is still damp, carefully remove the mask from eachpetal and flower center. Be careful and don’t scratch through the baseflower color, touch up if necessary.

6. Using the Fan Glaze brush, apply one flowing coat of Pure Brillianceto the entire bowl. Let dry. Apply a second coat to the inside of thebowl. Let dry.

7. Stilt and fire to cone 06.

Products in project listed here
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CN021-2 Cn021 2Oz Light Saffron Cn021 2Oz Light Saffron
CN113-2 Cn113 2Oz Dark Delft Cn113 2Oz Dark Delft
CN141-2 Cn141 2Oz Light Aqua Cn141 2Oz Light Aqua
CN373-2 Cn373 2Oz Dark Honeysuckle Cn373 2Oz Dark Honeysuckle