Mayco Foundations Glaze 16oz

Begin your ceramic project with Mayco Foundations Glaze as the surface. Available in gloss opaque, gloss translucent and matte finishes, Mayco Foundations will become an essential building block, easy to apply, consistent firing performance and budget friendly. Its stable, non-moving base is perfect for majolica techniques with Mayco Stroke& Coat glazes. 

When it comes to your glazed ceramic pieces, you will never go wrong with Mayco. Use mayco for solid reliable results when it comes to using your ceramic glaze techniques.
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FN001 White Pint

FN002 Yellow Pint

FN003 Orange Pint

FN004 Red Pint

FN005 Pink Pint

FN006 Blue Pint

FN007 Green Pint

FN008 Brown Pint

FN009 Black Pint

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