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Cat Dish


1. Wipe dish with damp sponge to remove bisque dust.

2. Trace pattern on tracing paper. Pencil over lines on reverse side;turn right side up and position in bowl.  Draw over tracedlines to transfer pattern.

3. Brush three coats of Light Pink on nose and mouth area. Let dry.

4. Brush three coats of Light Blue Spruce in eyes. Let dry.

5. Brush one coat Briarwood Sprinkles in ears and mask around eyes.While paint is still a little wet, use dampened brush to blendoutwards. Let dry.

6. Add another heavier coat of Briarwood Sprinkles around the eyes andinner ears blending outward. Let dry.

7. Use Liner and paint Black in pupils, nostrils, mouth and fineflowing lines for whiskers. Add eyebrows if desired. Let dry.

8. Freehand or use tracing paper to transfer “I’M HUNGRY!” onto side ofbowl. Paint letters with three coats of Dark Scarlet. Let dry.

9. Use end of pencil with eraser dipped in Light Blue Spruce and makerandom dots around bowl. Let dry.

10. Carefully brush two coats Pure Brilliance to inside, sides andbottom of bowl.  Let dry.

11. Stilt on shelf and fire to cone 06. (If desired, set painted bowlon kiln shelf and fire to cone 06.  Brush Pure Brilliance overbowl, dry, and stilt on shelf and fire again to cone 06.)

Products in project listed here
Code Name Image Price  
CN073-2 Cn073 2Oz Dark Scarlet Cn073 2Oz Dark Scarlet
CN151-2 Cn151 2Oz Light Blue Spruce Cn151 2Oz Light Blue Spruce
CN253-2 Cn253 2Oz Black Cn253 2Oz Black
CN341-2 Cn341 2Oz Light Pink Cn341 2Oz Light Pink
CN524-2 Cn524 2Oz Briarwood Sprinkles Cn524 2Oz Briarwood Sprinkles