Amaco Crystaltex Glazes

Cone05. AMACO Crystaltex Glazes are for the potter who dares totry something novel. Multi-color effects can be subtle as with CTL-32,which fires to a creamy yellow peppered with rich brown, or they can be bold like the red, white and blue of CTL-54 Firecracker. No two pieces will ever be alike, but all will be unique.

For application by dipping or pouring, thorough stirring of the glaze is necessary since the crystals settle to the bottom of the jar. A more controlled decorative effect can be obtained by brushing. Dip the brush in the glaze at the top of the jar and apply two or more coats. Lift the crystals from the bottom of the jar with the brush and place where desired. Crystals fan out on flat horizontal surfaces and run on vertical pieces. Best results are obtained at Cone 05 (1911°F,1044°C). These glazes must be applied on a mature Cone 04 (1971°F,1077°C) bisque.

CTL-3, CTL-31, and CTL-41 have a matte finish with glossy crystals when fired. The rest of the series is either glossy or a textured gloss/matte finish. All crystals fire to a gloss finish.

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