Amaco Teachers Choice Glazes

Cone05. AMACO Teacher's Choice glazes, (TC) gloss glazes are completely intermixable so they can be blended with each other or with any of the AMACO Teacher's Palette gazes (TP) to create an infinite color palette. The eight TC glazes are AP certified, LEAD FREE, dinnerware safe, bright and colorful, and are safe for use by artists of any age.

Download the Teachers Choice custom mixing label here.

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Easy One-Step Firing
Apply three coats for full coverage or fewer coats for a more transparent look on mature cone 04 bisque. Cover the entire surface with any combination of TC or TP glazes and simply fire to cone 05. IfTC and TP glazes are used for only partial coverage of the bisque, dip the partially decorated bisque into AMACO DC-10 Clear Dipping Glaze and fire in one step to cone 05 for a brilliant surface.

Teach Color Theory in Low Fire Gloss Glaze
Because Teacher's Choice glazes and Teacher's Palette glazes fire true to their unfired color and are 100% intermixable, you can now use glaze to teach color theory and experiment with color effects. To see how, clickhere.

Teacher's Choice glazes are available in economical gallons through all AMACO/brent education catalog companies and retail distributors.

To download a copy of the AP (Approved Product seal) colors MSDS sheet in PDF format, please click here.