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Since 1954, Mayco has been making the finest glazes right here in the U.S.A. A stunning array of colors, textures, and finishes are available for the discerning craftsperson. From the first Mayco underglazes developed at the start of the company’s business to today, the products are a staple in the ceramic industry. Mayco glaze colors are suitable for any project and cover the spectrum of hues. These Mayco ceramic glazes give the versatility and the performance serious artists demand, while also being suitable for instruction purposes in the classroom setting and general-purpose stoneware uses.

Amaco ceramic glazes and other products have been in production since 1919, when the company was formed. The company is known for introducing the first lead-free glaze to the industry. Amaco glazes are made of the finest materials and come in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Amaco Crystaltex glazes are a popular choice among artists and craftspeople, offering bold patterns and surprising colorations. Amaco underglazes provide the consistency and decorative effects highly sought-after by ceramic artists. These products are suitable for classroom uses and show-quality gallery pieces alike.

Some of the most popular ceramic underglazes and glaze colors on the market come from Duncan, a family-owned industry leader from Fresno, California. Duncan glazes have been available since 1946, and represent innovation, quality, and versatility. The range of products is made from secret formulas handed down over generations. Duncan glaze colors come in a spectrum of shades, providing the right tone for any artistic project in ceramic or stoneware. The special finishes and textures that can be created with Duncan products are truly awe-inspiring, helping to unleash creativity in pottery students, hobbyists, and professional ceramic artisans