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Dinner Set

1. Wipe ware with damp sponge to remove bisque dust.

2. Refer to patterns. Using pencil, make various size circles anddot/dash patterns on sides of bowl and mug. Outline designs with FrenchDimensions Pure White. Let dry. If desired, place on kiln shelf andfire to cone 06 to set the French Dimensions.

3. Brush three coats Turquoise Haze inside both mug and bowl. Let dry.

4. Brush three coats Jade Haze on the outer sides, lip and base of mugand bowl.  Let dry.

5. Brush three coats Turquoise Haze to inner sections of the dinner andsalad plates.

6. To outer rim brush three coats Jade Haze. On third coat, use FanGlaze brush or sponge to blend the Jade Haze into the Turquoise Haze.Let dry.

7. Brush backs of plates with three coats Jade Haze. Let dry.

8. Stilt on kiln shelf and fire to cone 06
Products in project listed here
Code Name Image Price  
AG402-4 Ag402 4Oz Turquoise Haze Ag402 4Oz Turquoise Haze
AG409-4 Ag409 4Oz Jade Haze Ag409 4Oz Jade Haze
FD258-125 Fd258 1.25Oz Pure White Fd258 1.25Oz Pure White