This class will run from 9am-4pm on Saturday May 20th. More details are below.
All pieces to be decorated will be Mayco's stoneware bisque.
All pieces will be taken with you to be fired using your kiln.

Calling all persons interested in attending a one day workshop here at Ceramic Arts And Crafts using Mayco Stoneware glazes. Did you know that Mayco's Stoneware glazes go to cone 10?

In the workshop you will learn how to make the items attached in the photos along with a mug too. The one day class will take us from cone 6 to cone 10.

The class will run from 9am-4pm and held on Saturday May 20th. In the class you will do 3 stoneware projects and receive in depth explanation and description of different Mayco products and what they are used for.

The cost will be $39 per person and includes all course materials, breakfast and lunch.
In the class you will:
1) Use Mayco Stroke and Coats with Mayco Flux, SW-401 and glaze some bisque bowls.
2) You will use stoneware crystal glazes in combination on a bisque mug. You can fire Mayco's stoneware glazes to cone 10!
3) Tile project using designer stencils, stamps and silkscreens along with using Mayco designer liner.

We are located at 8502 Old Salisbury Rd. in Linwood NC. We are about 10 minutes north of Salisbury NC and about 10 Minutes south of Lexington NC. Please call us @336-738-3033 or email to with any questions that you may have.

Spread the word about this event to all of your friends to see if they may have interest as well. We look forward to seeing you here!

This class will be great for potters and teachers. All are welcome and please call or write if you have any questions about this class.

For More information on the class click here