1627 Lid Lifter Kit

1627 Lid Lifter Kit

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Product Description


Why You May Want A Lid Lifter

Some of our kiln lids can weigh as much as 120 lbs. Unless you are a professional weight lifter, lifting your kiln lid can be a daunting task for most people. We developed the Lid Lifter in 2003. It not only made the kiln lid easy to lift, it also made the lids last longer because of the way the lid lifter lifts the lid.

Now Lid Lifters come standard on many kiln models and for others they are an option. If you have an older kiln or chose not to have a Lid Lifter installed when you ordered your kiln, do not fret. With the lid lifter upgrade kit you can add a Lid Lifter at any time.

Choosing the Right Lid Lifter

Use this chart to choose the correct Lid Lifter Upgrade Kit for your kiln.As mentioned previously, we did not start making the kits until 2003 so just because it says “Standard”, your kiln may be older and it was not included at that time.

Installing a Lid Lifter

It takes a good 3 hours to install a Lid Lifter Upgrade Kit so be sure to budget your time accordingly. The good news is that we have really good step by step instructions. Equipped with only a screw gun, even a novice repair person can install this kit. Click on the link below to download the instructions.

Loading the Springs

All Skutt kilns ship with the lid springs de-tensioned to avoid damage that can be caused by a bouncing lid. While a little tricky, with the help of this video, you should be able to correctly load the springs on your kiln in less than 2 minutes.