Cc0210 Tank Box 8L X 3.25W X 2.5H (Cs/6)

Cc0210 Tank Box 8L X 3.25W X 2.5H (Cs/6)

Code: CC0210


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Product Description

Our ceramic bisque is ready to paint. It has a hard pourous surface which is ready to be painted with either glazes or underglazes and fired to a proper cone 06 in order to be food safe. If using undrglazes you will need to apply a coat of clear glaze over the top to ensure that it is food safe.

The pieces may also painted with acrylic paints as well. These pieces which are painted with acrylics will not be food safe and will be for decorative purposes only.

Ceramic Bisque is pottery that has been through an initial firing process to make it dureable, however still porous enough to absorb ceramic paints and glazes. The ceramic bisque that we carry comes from clay body termed as low fire white earthenware. In the initial firing, the low fire white clay is fired to what is termed a cone 04 firing, roughly 1945 degrees. During the bisque firing there are many changes to the properties of the clay, both physically and chemically. During the bisque firing water and organic materials are driven out of the clay. The white earthenware clay typically starts out appearing as a light grey product and once fired turns to a nice white bisque product.

During this initial firing carbon and sulfur combine with oxygen and they escape the clay body. Other checmial reactions occur as well to make that very brittle piece of air dry clay turn into a very durable piece of bisque. Bisqueware will not dissolve or crumble when handled for the glazing process either.