V301 Ivory Beige Pint (16 Ounce), Underglaze - Liquid

V301 Ivory Beige Pint (16 Ounce), Underglaze - Liquid

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Product Description

Amaco Velvet Underglazes are semi-translucent underglazes have the appearance of velour or velvet when left unglazed or will intensify in color when covered with an AMACO Clear Transparent glaze or Gloss glaze.

All colors in the Velvet Series are LEAD FREE and AP certified.

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Printing Kit with Balsa-Foam - Carve designs into Balsa-Foam, add color with AMACO Velvet Underglazes, then press into clay.

AMACO Velvets semi-translucent underglazes offer two finish possibilities. When left unglazed they have the appearance of velour or velvet. They will intensify in color when covered with an AMACO Clear Transparent glaze or Gloss glaze. V-387 Bright Red, V-388 Radiant Red, V-389 Flame Orange, V-390 Bright Orange, and V-391 Intense Yellow, are the latest addition of very bright colors. These colors, when applied and fired, have a very vivid, luminescent glow.

Velvets V-380 through V-384 and V-387 through V-391 are formulated with encapsulated red, orange, and bright yellow pigments which make them very color/temperature stable. They can be used in detailed design work as a Cone 05/06 underglaze or they can be fired up to Cone 6 and maintain their intensity and brightness. All the Velvets are very rich colors and can be used for an all over coverage similar to an opaque underglaze. They fire true to color as applied from the jar and may be intermixed to create a palette of hundreds of colors.

The colors may be brushed on greenware which is to be bisque fired before applying a covering glaze or on a mature Cone 04 (1971°F, 1077°C) bisque, then a covering glaze applied. For opaque coverage by brushing, the consistency of the color in the jar is correct.

Amaco Velvets Underglazes tolerate a wide firing range with recommended firing temperature being that of the clay used.To see how Velvets look when fired to Cones 5 and 10, click here for the web page or download the PDF above.

Velvets were developed to be used without a glaze cover. V-327 will appear Blue Turquoise under LG-10.

For best results with V-318, V-321, V-322, V-325, V-326, V-371, and V-375, apply only two coats of LG-10 Clear Glaze.

Steve Lampron, AMACO® VP of Technical Services, explains how to achieve beautiful results by applying AMACO Opalescents over Velvets. Click here for more information!

Velvets are available in two ounce and pint jars and four assortments of two ounce jars.

If left unglazed, AMACO® Velvets should not be used on surfaces which come in contact with food or drink. Velvet Underglazes are dinnerware safe when covered by AMACO clear glazes LG-10, F-10, and HF-9 or any other dinnerware safe glaze. AMACO Velvets have only been tested and approved as dinnerware safe when applied and fired under AMACO LG-10 Clear Glaze.

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To download a copy of the AP (Approved Product seal) colors MSDS sheet in PDF format, please click here.